C# · 12月 23, 2021

c# – Triplet类用于什么?它与元组有关吗?

所以我刚刚了解了 Triplet课程.我没有使用ASP.NET的经验,只有核心.NET Framework.

有人可以向我解释Triplet类存在于何处/原因?它像一个元组?@H_301_3@解决方法 是的,它与.NET 4.0中的Tuple非常相似,但特别是可以追溯到.NET 1.0和ASP.NET 1.0.它主要用于 ViewState serialization:

The Page class contains a SavePageViewState(),which is invoked during the page life cycle’s save view state stage. The SavePageViewState() method starts by creating a Triplet that contains the following three items:@H_301_3@ The page’s hash code. This hash code is used to ensure that the view state hasn’t been #tampered with between postbacks. We’ll talk more about view state hashing in the “View State and Security Implications” section. The collective view state of the Page‘s control hierarchy. An ArrayList of controls in the control hierarchy that need to be explicitly invoked by the page class during the raise postback event stage of the life cycle.