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c# – MVC ASP.NET中的ViewData和ViewModel


What is the differences between ViewData
and viewmodel




@H_404_13@解决方法 ViewData的:



ASP.NET MVC ViewModel Pattern

When a Controller class decides to render an HTML response back to a
client,it is responsible for
explicitly passing to the view
template all of the data needed to
render the response. View templates
should never perform any data
retrieval or application logic – and
should instead limit themselves to
only have rendering code that is
driven off of the model/data passed to
it by the controller.


When using [the “viewmodel”] pattern we create strongly-typed classes that are optimized for our specific view scenarios,and which expose properties for the dynamic values/content needed by our view templates. Our controller classes can then populate and pass these view-optimized classes to our view template to use. This enables type-safety,compile-time checking,and editor intellisense within view templates.

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