C# · 12月 23, 2021

c# – 重置密码时出错

我创建了MVC 4应用程序.在该应用程序中如果用户忘记了密码,我有方法向用户发送电子邮件以重置密码.我正在使用asp.net身份会员资格



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[AllowAnonymous] public ActionResult ForgotPassword() { return View(); } [HttpPost] [AllowAnonymous] [ValidateAntiForgeryToken] public async Task<ActionResult> ForgotPassword(ForgotPasswordviewmodel model) { if (model.UserName == null) { ModelState.AddModelError(“”,”Please enter the Username”); } if (model.Email == null) { ModelState.AddModelError(“”,”Please enter the Email ID”); } if (model.Email == null & model.UserName == null) { ModelState.AddModelError(“”,”Please enter the Username and Email ID”); } if(ModelState.IsValid) { var username = await UserManager.FindByNameAsync(model.UserName); var user = await UserManager.FindByEmailAsync(model.Email); if (user != null && username != null) { ApplicationDbContext context = new ApplicationDbContext(); UserStore<ApplicationUser> store = new UserStore<ApplicationUser>(context); var provider = new Microsoft.Owin.Security.DataProtection.DpapiDataProtectionProvider(“MyProject”); UserManager.UserTokenProvider = new Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Owin.DataProtectorTokenProvider<ApplicationUser>(provider.Create(“EmailConfirmation”)); var code = await UserManager.GenerateEmailConfirmationTokenAsync(user.Id); System.Net.Mail.MailMessage m = new System.Net.Mail.MailMessage( new System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(“sample@email.lk”,”My Application”),new System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(user.Email)); m.Subject = “Reset your Password”; m.IsBodyHtml = true; m.Body = string.Format(“<img src=\”@@IMAGE@@\” alt=\”\”><BR/><BR/>Hi {0},<BR/><BR/>Please click the below link to reset your password. <BR/><BR/> <a href=\”{1}\” title=\”Reset Password\”>Reset Password</a>”,user.UserName,Url.Action(“ResetPassword”,”Account”,new { UserId = user.Id,code = code },Request.Url.Scheme)) + string.Format(“<BR/><BR/>Regards,<BR/>We Are <BR/>”); string attachmentPath = Server.MapPath(“~/Images/hec-logo.png”); string contentID = Path.GetFileName(attachmentPath).Replace(“.”,””) + “@zofm”; Attachment inline = new Attachment(attachmentPath); inline.ContentDisposition.Inline = true; inline.ContentDisposition.DispositionType = DispositionTypeNames.Inline; inline.ContentId = contentID; inline.ContentType.MediaType = “image/png”; inline.ContentType.Name = Path.GetFileName(attachmentPath); m.Attachments.Add(inline); // replace the tag with the correct content ID m.Body = m.Body.Replace(“@@IMAGE@@”,”cid:” + contentID); System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient smtp = new System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient(“”); smtp.Port = 11; smtp.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(“sample@email.lk”,”8888888″); smtp.EnableSsl = false; smtp.Send(m); // Don’t reveal that the user does not exist or is not confirmed } return View(“ForgotPasswordConfirmation”); } else { ModelState.AddModelError(“”,”The Username or Email ID is invalid.”); } // If we got this far,something Failed,redisplay form return View(model); }解决方法 我有同样的问题,经过多次研究后我发现问题出在IIS部署中


The data protection operation was unsuccessful. This may have been caused by not having the user profile loaded for the current thread’s user context,which may be the case when the thread is impersonating.

Open your IIS Manager

Find out what AppPool your application is using by selecting your App,right-click on it,and Select Manage Application -> Advanced

After that,on the top left hand side,select Applications Pools,and go ahead and select the App Pool used by your app.

Right-click on it,and select Advanced Settings,Go to the Process Model Section and Find the “Load User Profile” Option and set it to true.