C# · 12月 27, 2021

c# – 推荐.NET类用于集合唯一的整数?



也可以将它们作为一个字符串显示在列表中,即. “1,5,10,21”.

解决方法 HashSet:

The HashSet<T> class provides high-performance set operations. A set is a collection that contains no duplicate elements,and whose elements are in no particular order…

The capacity of a HashSet<T> object is the number of elements that the object can hold. A HashSet<T> object’s capacity automatically increases as elements are added to the object.

The HashSet<T> class is based on the model of mathematical sets and provides high-performance set operations similar to accessing the keys of the 07001 or 07002 collections. In simple terms,the HashSet<T> class can be thought of as a 07001 collection without values.

A HashSet<T> collection is not sorted and cannot contain duplicate elements…