C# · 12月 25, 2021

c# – 我最近开始自己学习WPF.声明名称与x:名称有什么区别?

例如,我有这个代码: <Grid> <Rectangle Name=”TheRectangle” Fill=”AliceBlue” Height=”100″ Width=”100″> </Rectangle></Grid>


<Grid> <Rectangle x:Name=”TheRectangle” Fill=”AliceBlue” Height=”100″ Width=”100″> </Rectangle></Grid>

非常感谢你提供的信息.我很高兴能够学习这样的新东西. :d

解决方法 wpfwiki

There is basically no difference
between the two.

The “x:Name” expression is used in
XAML to assign a name to an object
that will be used to access the object
from the code-behind.

Many classes of the framework expose a Name property,which does exactly this. For these classes,both x:Name and the Name property can be used interchangeably.