C# · 12月 31, 2021

c# – 我可以通过编程方式启用/禁用异常?

我想要在调试时能够打破异常,就像在Visual Studio 2008的菜单调试/异常对话框中一样,除了我的程序有很多有效的异常之后,我想要调试的位.


解决方法 通过将DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute放在你的方法上,做这个事情的唯一方法就是这样做.


很好的解释它here …

This is an attribute that you put against a method to tell the debugger “Nothing to do with me guv’. Ain’t my code!”. The gullible debugger will believe you,and won’t break in that method: using the attribute makes the debugger skip the method altogether,even when you’re stepping through code; exceptions that occur,and are then caught within the method won’t break into the debugger. It will treat it as if it were a call to a Framework assembly,and should an exception go unhandled,it will be reported one level up the call stack,in the code that called the method.


public class Foo{ [DebuggerNonUserCode] public void MethodThatThrowsException() { … {}