C# · 12月 30, 2021

c# – 如何编程测试Cookie?

如何检查/检测用户是否接受cookies?使用ASP.NET(C#)解决方法 从 MSDN

One way to determine whether cookies are accepted is by trying to write a cookie and then trying to read it back again. If you can’t read the cookie you wrote,you assume that cookies are turned off in the browser.


Sub Page_Load() If Not Page.IsPostBack Then If Request.QueryString(“AcceptsCookies”) Is Nothing Then Response.Cookies(“TestCookie”).Value = “ok” Response.Cookies(“TestCookie”).Expires = _ DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(1) Response.Redirect(“TestForCookies.aspx?redirect=” & _ Server.UrlEncode(Request.Url.ToString)) Else labelAcceptsCookies.Text = “Accept cookies = ” & _ Request.QueryString(“AcceptsCookies”) End If End IfEnd Sub


Sub Page_Load() Dim redirect As String = Request.QueryString(“redirect”) Dim acceptsCookies As String ‘ Was the cookie accepted? If Request.Cookies(“TestCookie”) Is Nothing Then ‘ No cookie,so it must not have been accepted acceptsCookies = 0 Else acceptsCookies = 1 ‘ Delete test cookie Response.Cookies(“TestCookie”).Expires = _ DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1) End If Response.Redirect(redirect & “?AcceptsCookies=” & acceptsCookies,_ True)End Sub