C# · 12月 29, 2021

c# – 什么是System.Reactive.Linq.Observ? (注意阿尔法)

无论是System.Reactive. Linq.Observ ?ble?



// C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Reactive
// System.Reactive.Linq,Version=2.0.20823.0,Culture=neutral,

解决方法 每 this comment from Bart de Smet:

You’re seeing an internal namespace with a Greek alpha in its name to
make the call stack look exactly like the methods you wrote. We can’t
have inner classes such as Where nested inside Observable,because
there’s already a method with that name. So,the closest approximation
was an Observαble namespace with classes such as Where in it.

Unfortunately,the namespace shows up in IntelliSense at this point,due to some complexities around the IDE’s handling of InternalsVisibleTo. We’re aware of this problem and are looking into it.